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" Nowhere do we learn how to understand each other "
Edgar Morin



• We promote integrative negotiation: creating solutions where all the parties involved can find an advantage and cooperate together on a joint project

• We believe in productive conflicts: generating the creation of value through a healthy management of everyday conflicts within the organisation

• We foster empowerment within teams: giving back the power to make decisions to individuals and organizations in order to get things done

• We mobilize to facilitate the creation of trust between all collaborators, thanks to the mechanisms of giving and giving-back (according to Marcel Mauss in his anthropological essay on The Gift)


Even if generating income is essential to the economic viability of our cabinet, as for every entrepreneurial adventure, limiting the definition of AlterNego’s activity to a simple return on investment would be a non-sensical regarding our ambition for society. To this end:

• We put our skills to work towards a “living better together” through social and intercultural mediation for local communities (Montreuil City Hall, Regional Council of Ile de France), as well as initiatives of trust reconstruction in countries in crisis or post-crisis situations (Burundi, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine)

• We also provide pro bono services to several associations promoting social entrepreneurship (ENACTUS), public health (All Against Cancer) or international diplomatic stakes (Open Diplomacy, UN’ESSEC)


Odile Primel

Director, New Products and Projects Department - Essilor

Thierry Crahés

CEO - Covéa Affinity

Cécile Lière

Director of the Works Managers’ tailored management coaching program - SNCF

Régis Luttenauer

Executive Officer France - Vaillant

Hélène Jauneau

Managerial Culture Manager - AXA France

Sabine Zecchinati

Human Resources Manager – Caisse des Dépôts Group

Louise Barton

Deputy Director Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General - Council of Europe

Prosper Teboul

Managing Director – French Association for Paralyzed Individuals (« APF »)

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• We embrace diversity: we are anthropologists, legal experts, sociologists, economists, communication professionals, entrepreneurs…

• We value multidisciplinarity: our experiences are multisectorial, covering various professions and specialties. We therefore intervene as consultants, trainers, coaches, mediators, and recruiters

• We owe you to be innovative: we share our time between pedagogy, action and research