Employer brand


Your employer brand is the convergence between what you are, what you do and what you say.

You don’t create your employer brand; it reveals itself through everything from the organisation’s vision and culture (what you are) to your HR and management policies and practices (what you do).

It is publicised internally and externally through a narrative that is lived and embodied (what you say).

This convergence allows you to show your authenticity in order to attract current and future talent, stand out from the crowd and ensure the organisation’s success in a changing environment.

We firmly believe that the employer brand is a systemic way to ensure the coherence and consistency of…


/ Strategic alignment: based on the essence and purpose of the organisation, define the expected benefit in the employer brand


/ HR and management policies and practices: offer an employee experience that is in line with the company’s culture and reputation


/ Narrative: be able to explain yourself in what you say and what you do, through communication campaigns and by making your actions consistent with your commitments


To ensure organisations maintain their performance and remain attractive, we help you to align the situation as perceived by your stakeholders with your employer narrative, and to publicise it.



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