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AlterNego group uses a 360° ecosystem-based approach to situations encountered within organisations in order to analyse and understand the whole situation thus enabling action at several levels simultaneously. Executive committees, boards of Directors, managers, employees, all have objectives that are specific, interdependent and yet sometimes disconnected from each other. For this reason, we have chosen to build an ecosystem of entities connected and interacting with each other to provide a high quality tailor-made service, enabling us to adapt to each situation.

Reflexivity is at the heart of our identity: we are an ecosystem dedicated to accompanying ecosystems.

AlterNego focuses on issues from the point of view of the organisation and its employees by creating the conditions for a healthy dialogue and by strengthening cooperation and management.
The AN Talents team acts on an individual level, from recruitment to professional development, revealing new talents, adapted to current changes.
The Fil Rouge agency accompanies your projects, transformation programs, launches, your successes and more sensitive situations through appropriate, creative communication strategies and vectors of multi-party outreach and engagement.
And since, in the digital age, we cannot do without digital tools that streamline operations while creating value through the experience they offer, the Eltigre agency develops digital solutions that «enhance» these same projects.