Research and studies

Our research objects are supported by
the studies we conduct for our clients.

Our approach, resolutely psychosocial
and argued by accessible scientific work,
aims at the objectification of 
situations and perceptions.

We take into account the history of
our clients, the constitution of their social body,
social, de leur vision pour l’avenir de toutes
their vision for the future of all individuals
by valuing an objective and benevolent view,
without moral posture.

We free employees’ voices
to ensure the sustainability of strategic initiatives
by facilitating membership in corporate projects.

Our tools

Intra-company diagnostic reports / a tailored quantitative or qualitative approach​

Inter-company studies / built on cross-cutting topics

From the handover of the questionnaires to the restitution, we ensure the complete management of studies and evaluations, in france or internationally.

​Our educational engineering is based on the work carried out by our research and development department, AN LAB, which is in charge of studying the evolution of organisations and their managerial practices. Our experts and authors also contribute by producing rich and inspiring content.

The studies

Find all the studies conducted by AlterNego’s experts, from our partner companies.

/ self-censorship

/ social mediation

/ stereotypes

(origins, generation, gender, disability)
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