Educational tools
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Inventory of the Unconscious Biais 
Risk, the first educational tool for measuring the risks of bias and stereotypes in any professional situation, that raises awareness and provides key recommendations for action on endogenous and exogenous factors in order to be more efficient and practical.

Value Of Work, identifies the reasons for the commitment and the
disengagement of employees by measuring what they expect and what they get from their
daily work.



Ability to Negotiate Test: Do you tend to flee conflict or do you prefer rivalry to test the full measure of your negotiating skills? The simplest thing is to become aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses, that is to say elements that have a negative impact and that need to be corrected.

Personal development tests

GLI/ Managing The Unmanageable, an application that gauges your natural reactions to conflicts allowing you to confront those who, at work, are impeding cooperation, finds a better way to react in a difficult situation and prepares you to manage the unmanageable.



NDS/ Negotiation pleasure, an application that allows you to discover the three keys to a successful negotiation. Preparation, preparation and preparation… Substantive preparation to be more agile, format preparation to be more convincing, mental preparation to gain confidence. Be prepared to prepare yourself for success!!