Consultancy & Support

Our Approach

Co-built / We take your context & issues into account.

​Systemic / We look at your entire ecosystem.

360° / We provide a complete response to your problems, from consulting to communication, recruitment and training to support and digital solutions.

Immersive / We use a hands-on approach with our interventions.

Our Philosophy

Transparency / ​ We clearly identify the objectives, communicating and sharing them with all parties prior to starting.​​Confidentiality & Anonymity / ​ We guarantee a safe space for dialogue and the restitution of shared statements only.

We intervene at the heart of organisations and groups to develop a capacity to act differently, to maintain the commitment of teams, to de-stress interpersonal or organisational tensions in order to foster a culture of cooperation.
These interventions are part of our vision of social dialogue as an essential asset for the success of your transformations.


The Assistance We Offer
Shared Evaluation Studies
The social body becomes an actor in the transformation. Built on the methodological bases of mediation, our experience of collective dynamics and our understanding of the world of business and shared evaluation create the conditions for change by freeing the expression of all and for all.
Face-to-face or virtual

When setting up a team, at a time of high stakes or in preparation for the culmination of important collective work, group coaching is particularly beneficial. It allows an executive committee, board or project team, to focus on its “raison d’être” and contribute at a key moment. It also aims to optimise collective functioning in order to give meaning to the activity and the working group with a view to better performance.

Face-to-face or virtual.


The organisation is made up of a web of human relations between employees, customers, suppliers and other parties. Tensions can exist, threaten the balance as a whole and penalise economic and social performance. In this case, mediation can accelerate a return to harmony.

Face-to-face or Virtual.

exceptional situations
The social responsibility of the company is also its ability to face what is exceptional. An exceptional situation includes any event perceived as a threat to the physical or mental integrity of one or more persons within the company. Because of its traumatic potential, it requires specific management that we support in prevention, crisis management and practice analysis.
Face-to-face or virtual.